SOMA dosing systems for industrial lubricants

Dosing technology and dosing systems from SOMA offer you solutions for a wide variety of tasks relating to the dosing of industrial lubricants – from a dosing valve through to fully-automated dosing systems.

Experience experimental dispensing technology in the SOMA dispensing laboratory

To assist with the selection of suitable valves that are optimally adapted to the respective lubricants and tasks, the service we provide at SOMA includes dispensing trials at our dispensing laboratory that are based on the lubricants to be used and result in early findings about feasibility, the required framework conditions and suitable components.

The benefits of SOMA Dispensing Technology

  • The ability to dispense lubricants quickly, in a reproducible manner and with process reliability, even in places that are difficult to access.
  • Dispensing lubricants with unfavourable physical or chemical properties.
  • Dispensing valves without lubricant separation at low primary pressure.
  • A lubricant handling system based on portable lubricant containers with just one central filling station can supply any number of sampling stations.

SOMA dosing systems products

Form your own impression of the broad range of products offered by SOMA Dosing Systems.

Impulse Dosing Valve – IDV

The patented IDV dosing valve is the result of many years' experience in the development and production of components in the field of volumetric dosing of lubricant.

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Volumetric Dosing Valve – VDV

The VDV volumetric dosing valve has been developed for use in dosing processes where exact repetition and contact-based dosing of precise volumes is the primary objective.

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Dosing Inspection System – DIS

DIS is based on real-time pressure measurement at the nozzle outlet on an IDV impulse dosing valve. The chronological pressure profiles are measured automatically during each individual dosing process.

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Rotary Dosing System – RDS

The SOMA RDS rotary dosing system offers great flexibility in the fully automatic dosing of lubricant for rotationally symmetrical products.

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Grease Handling System – FHS

The patented FHS grease handling system from SOMA consists of replaceable grease storage canisters, a central loading station and any number of decentralised unloading stations.

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Pressure Balance System – DAS

The patented DAS 120/12 pressure balance system limits the high feed pressure in industrial grease supply systems and highly viscous liquids upstream of the infeed into dosing devices.

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