Dosing Inspection System

DIS – Dosing Inspection System

The SOMA dosing inspection system (DIS) can be used to intelligently monitor IDV dosing processes: automatically, verifiably and in real time.

SOMA dosing components are the first choice when the highest demands are placed on precision and reproducibility of lubricant dosing processes. The patented IDV impulse dosing valve enables pinpoint accuracy in contactless dosing of precise volumes of lubricant.
The optional SOMA DIS – dosing inspection system additionally enables each individual IDV dosing procedure to be monitored, thus verifiably confirming the quality of your products. Automatically and in real time.

DIS operating principle

DIS is based on a real-time pressure measurement at the nozzle outlet of the SOMA IDV impulse dosing valve. The chronological pressure profiles are measured automatically during each individual dosing process.

Numerical methods are used to determine the characteristic parameters of the mean value, pressure time integral, maximum pressure value and duration of dosing impulse and to compare them with the target values. The dosing procedure is evaluated as "good" if the parameters are within the specified limits. The target values and their limits can be configured in advance in programming mode.

For this purpose, the control device triggers 50 dosing trials, measures the pressure curves and calculates and stores the target and limit values of the statistical parameters in compliance with MESA procedure 1. Manual input of these values is also possible in addition to automatic programming mode.

Dosing inspection system hardware

The DIS dosing inspection system includes the DIS pressure sensor for mounting on the SOMA impulse dosing valve and the DIS control device to which the sensor is connected. An integrated micro controller controls the dosing processes, records the measurements, calculates and evaluates the results, communicates with higher-level systems and provides a browser-based user interface.

DIS programming software

The SOMA DIS can be configured and operated via a web interface implemented from a connected PC or laptop, or optionally via WAN using mobile devices. The clear user interface is divided into several menus and permits, among other things, direct display of the pressure flow curves including evaluation of the relevant parameters.

The system is also configured using the operator software; while self-test functions and automatic programming mode round off the functional scope. The DIS works autonomously in normal dosing operation and can for instance be addressed from an external control system (PLC) via binary signals; in this case a PC is not required for operation.

The benefits at a glance

  • Automatic monitoring of IDV dosing procedures
  • Patented monitoring at the nozzle outlet via pressure sensor
  • Stand-alone system, configurable via web interface
  • Automated determination of process states
  • Programming mode for determining limit values
  • Robust design for industrial use
  • Extendable via existing SOMA IDV applications
  • Integral charge amplifier with calibration connection
  • Digital I/O for PLC connection
  • LAN interface
  • Implemented SCPI command set

Technical data for the SOMA dosing inspection system (DIS)

  • Supply voltage: 24V DC
  • Power consumption: 2.5 Watt
  • Dimensions: 200 mm x 60 mm x 300 mm

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