Pressure Balance System

DAS – Pressure Balance System

The patented DAS 120/12 pressure balance system from SOMA limits the high feed pressure in supply systems for industrial greases and highly viscous liquids in advance of being fed into the dosing devices, thus preventing pressure fluctuations and equalising the pressure compensation in the system.

Pressure compensation through adjustable medium pressure

The pressure of the medium to be dosed must be limited to the maximum pressure applicable for the respective application upstream of the dosing valves to ensure that reproducible and reliable dosing results are achieved.

Up to a maximum input pressure of 120 bar, the SOMA DAS 120/12 pressure balance system will ensure that the medium pressure set on the outlet side will remain constant without any pressure fluctuations at the dosing valves.

It is therefore predestined for use in systems supplying highly viscous media with low and medium pressure pumps.

The patented DAS 120/12 pressure balance system from SOMA limits the high feed pressure in supply systems for industrial greases and highly viscous liquids.

Operating principle for the pressure balance system

The medium to be dosed is fed via a pneumatically controlled ball stop valve into the storage cylinder, which is held at a precisely preset air pressure. The storage cylinder's piston is displaced upwards as the fill level increases. There pressure between the pressurised cylinder's cavity and the pumped dosing medium is balanced until the piston's sensor-monitored end position is reached. The shut-off valve stops the medium supply once the storage cylinder is completely filled.

The dosing valves connected on the outlet side are now continuously supplied with the dosing medium without any pressure fluctuations due to the pressure being set by the precision regulator beforehand. Once the storage cylinder is almost empty, the previously closed shut-off valve is automatically opened again and the filling process is thus repeated without interrupting the flow of material to the dosing valves.

Technical data

  • Weight: 9.3 kg
  • Compressed air: 6 - 8 bar
  • Input pressure: maximum 120 bar
  • Output pressure: 0 - 12 bar
  • Voltage supply: 24V DC
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 375 x 290 x 125 mm

Pressure balance in the system with optional pressure monitoring

The provision of a constant medium pressure is of functional significance, especially when using pressure/time-controlled dosing valves. Instead of the standard built-in pressure gauge for displaying the grease output pressure, a pressure monitor with digital pressure display and adjustable minimum/maximum alarm limits can be installed and connected directly to the DAS 120/12 pressure balance system. The switched output signals from the pressure monitor are internally transferred to the interface connector for higher-level control systems.

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