LubriPress 400

LubriPress 400

In addition to standard container sizes, lubricants are increasingly available in convenient, standardised Euro cartridges. The use of these 400 ml capacity cartridges as a lubricant store is particularly beneficial when only a small number of lubricant applications and easy handling are required.

Flexible deployment options

LubriPress 400 is a system specifically developed for the automatic and reliable drainage of Euro cartridges that is equally suitable for use at manual workstations as well as in highly-automated assembly systems. The fill level of the cartridge can be monitored continuously via a visual fill level indicator. The desired dosing pressure can be configured manually.

Compact design

The Euro cartridges are placed in a stainless steel guide tube, which acts as a guide for the discharge piston during automatic emptying and also ensures the dimensional stability of the cartridge. The pneumatically operated discharge piston plunges into the cartridge from the top feeding the content through the piston rod into the supply line of the dosing device at a constant pressure.

Bubble-free air supply

The special shape of the piston provides the LubriPress 400 with an integral deaeration system, which reliably prevents unwanted air bubbles in the lubricant during the discharge process and when replacing the cartridge.

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LubriPress 400 product brochure (PDF; 377 KB)

Technical data

  • Compressed air supply: 6 bar
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 210 mm x 180 mm x 700 mm
  • Euro cartridges: DIN 1284