Volumetric Dosing Valve

VDV – Volumetric Dosing Valve

Use the SOMA VDV volumetric dosing valve to dispense lubricants with a constant volume: reliable, volumetric and reproducible.

The SOMA volumetric dosing valve – VDV was developed for use in dosing processes exact repetition and contact-based dosing of precise volumes is the primary objective, regardless of fluctuations in feed pressure and the viscosity of the lubricant being dispensed.
The VDV is a modular valve in the shape of a cartridge, designed to dose low- to high-viscosity media. It can be used with a large range of lubricants, including solid lubricants. Interchangeable valve housings mean the VDV can also be connected to form a dosing station with central medium supply.

The benefits at a glance

  • Continuously adjustable, reproducible, constant dosing volume
  • High process reliability
  • Low primary medium pressure to prevent lubricant separation
  • Option for dosing solid lubricants
  • Can be connected to form a dosing station with central medium supply

The VDV operating principle

A delivery pressure of 3 - 6 bar feeds the medium to be dosed to the dosing chamber via the valve connection block. A dynamic pressure relieved non-return poppet valve built into the outlet of the VDV dosing chamber prevents the uncontrolled release of the dispensing medium up to a pressure of 6 bar. Dosing volumes can be manually adjusted on a continuous basis via the rotary valve cylinder, which restricts the stroke of the dosing piston.

Triggered by a mono-stable 3/2-way valve, the dosing piston in the valve cartridge is pressurised, thus forcing the spring loaded plunger into the dosing chamber without any clearance.

Sensor-controlled dosing

The SOMA VDV uses sensors to detect the dosing stroke via the motion of the non-return poppet valve so that the dosing process within highly automated systems can be monitored.

Would you like to find out more?
VDV product brochure (PDF; 377 KB)

Technical data

  • Input pressure of the medium: Pmax = 6 bar
  • Compressed air supply: P = 3 - 6 bar
  • Dosing volume: V = 5 - 235 mm3 / stroke
  • Dosing frequency: fmax = 2 Hz