Dosing inspection system

Dosing inspection system for reliable monitoring of dosing processes

With the SOMA dosing inspection system (DIS), IDV dosing processes can be monitored intelligently: monitoring is conducted automatically, the process is verifiable and happens in real time. Dosing lubricants in production with process reliability.

SOMA DIS: Dosing inspection system

Ensuring reproducible quality is the greatest challenge when dosing lubricants in production processes in an industrial environment. Potential impurities or air pockets in the lubricant influence the dosing process and can lead to poor results. SOMA's unique DIS dosing inspection system, developed by us, reliably and accurately detects poor dosing results automatically so that the affected products can be handled in line with production specifications - automatically and in real time for lubricant dosing in your production processes, enabling process reliability.

Advantages of dosing inspection system

  • Automatic monitoring of IDV dosing processes
  • Patented monitoring at the nozzle outlet with pressure sensor
  • Stand-alone system, configurable via web interface
  • Determining the automatic process position
  • Teach mode for determining the limit value
  • Robust design for industrial use
  • Can be retrofitted in existing SOMA IDV applications
  • Integrated charge amplifier with calibration connection
  • Digital I/O for PLC connection
  • LAN interface
  • Implemented SCPI command set

Areas of application

The SOMA DIS is used in every type of dosing process: in manual processes, semi-automated assemblies and fully automatic production systems.

The SOMA DIS dosing inspection system is the first choice whenever there are stringent requirements placed on the quality and, most importantly, traceability of the dosing process.

Take advantage of the capabilities of the SOMA DIS so that you can automatically clear interference in your dosing process. Our dosing experts will explain how this works.

Technical data – Dosing inspection system

An overview of the most important technical data for the SOMA dosing inspection system.

Technical data DIS
Dimensions (L x W x H):
200 mm x 60 mm x 300 mm
1.8 kg
Supply voltage:
24 V
Power consumption:
7.2 W
Wiring harness cable length:
3 m
Internal memory:
4 GB

SOMA contact person and contact for questions regarding process monitoring - Niklas Kinzl

Advice on process monitoring

Do you have questions about safe process monitoring for lubricant dosing? Talk to me.

Personal contact person

Niklas Kinzl
Phone: +49 2355 50828-916

DIS operating principle

DIS is based on a real-time pressure measurement at the SOMA IDV impulse dosing valve's nozzle outlet. During each individual dosing process, the pressure characteristics over time are measured automatically.

SOMA Dosing Inspection System (DIS)

Each time material is dosed, the DIS measures the pressure-time curve in the nozzle. From this, the DIS independently determines the quality parameters mean value, pressure-time integral, maximum pressure value and duration of dosing. The dosing result is obtained by comparing the quality parameters with the target value specifications, for up to 20 doses per second.

The target values and limits are calibrated automatically in just one click using the 'teach mode'. Of course, these values can also be adjusted manually. The quality of your dosing is assured by the SOMA dosing inspection system, whether by digital I/O evaluation or by backing up all the measured data and storing it in an external FTP server using TCP/IP.

Dosing inspection system hardware

The DIS dosing inspection system includes the DIS pressure sensor for mounting on the SOMA impulse dosing valve and the DIS control device to which the sensor is connected. An integrated microcontroller controls the dosing processes, records the measurements, calculates and evaluates the results, communicates with higher-level systems and provides a browser-based operator interface.

SOMA Dosing Inspection System (DIS)
SOMA Dosing Inspection System (DIS)

DIS calibration software

The SOMA DIS can be calibrated with an integrated web interface from a connected PC or laptop or, as another option, with the machine controller. The user interface is clearly arranged: it is divided into several menus and, among other functions, it can display pressure characteristics directly with the evaluation of the relevant parameters.

The system is also configured in the operator software; self-test functions and teach mode round off the range of functions. In normal dosing operation, the DIS works autonomously and is addressed by an external control (PLC) using binary signals, for example; in this case, no PC is required for operation.

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