Pressure balance system

Pressure balance system for grease and lubricant supply systems

SOMA's patented DAS 120/12 pressure balance system limits the high delivery pressure in supply systems for industrial greases and highly viscous liquids before feeding them into dosing devices. It also prevents pressure fluctuations, ensuring a pressure balance in the system.

SOMA DAS: Pressure balance system

To achieve good dosing results that are reproducible, the pressure of the medium to be dosed (grease, oil or technical lubricants) must be limited upstream of the dosing valves to the optimum maximum pressure for the relevant application. The patented SOMA pressure balance system DAS 120/12 ensures, up to a maximum inlet pressure of 250 bar, that the medium pressure set on the outlet side is available to the dosing valves at a constant level and without pressure fluctuations. It is therefore predestined for use in supply systems for highly viscous media with low and medium pressure pumps.

Advantages of the pressure balance system

  • Reduces system pressure and balances pressure fluctuations in one device
  • Balance tank with sensor query
  • Interface to higher-level controller
  • Integrated SOMA SPF particulate filter
  • Continuous lubricant supply
  • Even more safety with optional SOMA DAS-DDW digital pressure monitor

Areas of application

The SOMA DAS-120/12 is always used when it is important in industrial production to reduce the medium pressure quickly and without cascades to a pressure that is compatible with the material. Whether it used as a drum pump or central supply, the SOMA DAS-120/12 supplies every dosing valve with constant pressure and is suitable for use in supply systems for highly viscous media with low and medium pressure pumps.

Technical data – Pressure balance system

An overview of the most important technical data for the SOMA pressure balance system.

Technical data DAS
Dimensions (L x W x H):
375 mm x 125 mm x 290 mm
Weight: approx. 9.3 kg
Voltage supply: 24 V DC (via 8-pin M12)
Air pressure: 6 bar – 8 bar
Compressed air hose:
Ø 4 mm
Dosing medium: NGLI 1-3
Input: M16 x 1.5 L10, permissible for pressure of connected barrel pump, recommended length: 3 m
Output: recommended hose length (depending on the dosing medium): Ø 10 mm (outside): 2.0 m (length), Ø 12 mm (outside): 2.5 m (length), designed up to 12 bar, 1/4'' screwed connection or plug connector
Max. inlet pressure: 250 bar
Max. outlet pressure:
12 bar

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How the SOMA pressure balance system works

How does the SOMA pressure balance system and its individual components work?

The patented DAS 120/12 pressure balance system from SOMA limits the high delivery pressure in supply systems for industrial greases and highly viscous liquids.

Functional principle of the pressure balance system

The medium to be dosed enters the storage cylinder under a precisely adjustable air pressure via a pneumatically controlled ball shut-off valve, the piston of which is displaced upwards with increasing filling. Until the end position of the piston, monitored by the upper sensor, is reached, there is a pressure balance between the air-pressurised space of the cylinder and the pumped-in dosing medium. Once the storage cylinder is completely filled, the shut-off valve closes the medium supply.

The dosing valves connected on the output side are now supplied with the dosing medium at the pressure previously set using the precision controller, without interruption and without pressure fluctuations. When the storage cylinder is almost empty, the previously closed shut-off valve is automatically opened again and thus the filling process is repeated without interrupting the material flow to the dosing valves.

Pressure balance in the system with optional pressure monitoring

Especially when using pressure/time-controlled dosing valves, it is functionally important that the supply is at a constant medium pressure. Instead of the standard built-in pressure gauge for displaying the grease outlet pressure, a pressure monitor with digital pressure display and adjustable min/max alarm limits can be installed and connected directly to the DAS 120/12 pressure balance system. Internally, the switching output signals of the pressure monitor are routed to the interface connector for higher-level control systems.

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