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Impulse Dosing Valve
Dosing Inspection System

Dosing systems for industrial lubricants – product highlights

Lubricants are used in all situations where friction forces are created as a result of movements and actuations of individual components in mechanical or mechatronic products. There is an increasing focus on targeted greasing.

Impulse Dosing Valve – IDV

The patented IDV dosing valve is the result of many years' experience in the development and production of components in the field of volumetric dosing of lubricant.

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Volumetric Dosing Valve – VDV

The VDV volumetric dosing valve has been developed for use in dosing processes where exact repetition and contact-based dosing of precise volumes is the primary objective.

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Dosing Inspection System – DIS

DIS is based on real-time pressure measurement at the nozzle outlet on an IDV impulse dosing valve. The chronological pressure profiles are measured automatically during each individual dosing process.

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Rotary Dosing System – RDS

The SOMA RDS rotary dosing system offers great flexibility in the fully automatic dosing of lubricant for rotationally symmetrical products.

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Get detailed Information about our Dosing Technology Products at our Product Catalog online. A Polish version can be downloaded under Partner / International.

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About SOMA GmbH

SOMA GmbH is an independent company under the umbrella of the KOSTAL Group and has been a system supplier of test and automation systems for mechatronic and electronic products for over 40 years.

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SOMA GmbH has been a recognised and reliable industry partner within the test technology and automation sector developing solutions for testing and automation tasks for over 40 years.

SOMA Dosing Systems

Lubricants are used in all situations where friction forces are created as a result of movements and actuations in mechanical or mechatronic products. We have suitable dosing products to ensure process reliability.

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