SOMA Dosiertechnik is a manufacturer of lubricant dosing systems.

Automatic dosing systems and dosing technology for lubricants

Whether automatic greasing or reliable volumetric grease dosing processes, SOMA offers the right dosing system for your lubricant dosing requirements. From dosing pumps and dosing valves to monitoring processes.

SOMA Dosiertechnik as a dosing system manufacturer offers dosing solutions for lubricants from supply, dosing to process monitoring.

Complete dosing systems and dosing devices

Every production process is organised differently. SOMA dosing modules are standard components that have proven themselves in production environments. They can be assembled to complete dosing systems to individually suit your grease-dosing requirements. SOMA dosing components have proven themselves millions of times over in everyday production when greasing workpieces, and they are used in industrial production around the globe. SOMA dosing components set the highest standards for repeatability, robustness and innovative features for zero-defect quality.

In industry, components are dosed with grease or oiled in three steps. To begin with, there is an optimal supply of lubricant. This is a basic requirement for reliable results in lubricant and grease dosing.

In terms of the dosing valve, it then depends on what the suitable dosing method is, whether or not it is contactless, uses a spray film, or – in the best case scenario – is volumetric. The last step is monitoring and documenting the dosing processes.

Supply with lubricants: SOMA dosing technology for pumps and grease handling

Supply: pumps and grease handling

When supplying dosing valves with lubricants or oils, it is important that they are robust in continuous operation, simple to use and easy to connect to higher-level control systems. SOMA supports you with all your requirements for a modern lubricant supply.

Lubricant supply

You want to provide your dosing valves with a continual supply of lubricant without interruptions and bubbles? We offer proven production technology for industrial grease dosing and for an optimal lubricant supply: medium pump, grease handling system and pressure balance system in industrial quality.

Dosing lubricants: SOMA dosing valves for industrial lubricants and oils

Dosing: dosing valves

Different greasing methods are used when dosing industrial greases: e.g. volumetric dosing, contactless greasing, greasing with lubricant film or greasing for rotationally symmetrical housings. SOMA offers the right valve for you.

Dosing lubricants

Your dosing valve requirements need to meet the highest standards? Our range of dosing valves offers repeatable and precise results for different application areas and lubricant properties each and every time grease is dosed.

Inspection of dosing processes: SOMA dosing technology for process monitoring

Monitoring: dosing processes

For demanding dosing tasks, the logical step to digitalize lubricant dosing involves seamlessly monitoring all dosing processes and providing production data directly to ERP systems. SOMA gives you full control over all the parameters of each individual grease dosing process.

Checking dosing processes

Your production has to meet the highest quality standards? If every production step needs to be transparently monitored and documented, a dosing inspection system always gives you full control over all dosing processes.

Solutions for an optimal lubricant supply

SOMA dosing technology for the supply of lubricants

In dosing systems for industrial applications, the lubricant supply is essential and represents the first step towards an optimal dosing process. Grease supply options that are useful in industrial applications:

SOMA dosing technology Grease handling systems and grease cartridges for production

Grease handling systems: greasing and grease supply in production using grease cartridges

grease handling systems consist of exchangeable grease storage canisters, a central loading station and any number of local unloading stations. Therefore, they form a supply concept with numerous logistical and technical advantages and an economical alternative to a conventional grease supply from dosing devices.

Advantages of grease handling systems

  • Local storage and replacement of grease containers
  • Compact unloading stations replace barrel pumps in the production environment
  • Short supply chain with low pressure that is gentle on the medium
  • No air enters the lubricant system
  • Constant grease supply to the dosing valves
  • No interruptions to production due to container changes
  • Clean production environment without grease transfer
  • Automatic venting in uncoupled state

Pressure balance systems: prevent pressure fluctuations when supplying industrial greases

Pressure balance systems limit the high delivery pressure in supply systems for industrial greases and highly viscous liquids before they are fed into dosing devices. They also prevent pressure fluctuations, meaning that they ensure a grease supply without fluctuating pressures.

SOMA pressure balance systems prevent pressure fluctuations in industrial greases

Advantages of pressure balance systems

  • Reduce system pressure and balance pressure fluctuations in one device
  • Expansion tank with sensor
  • Interfaces with the higher-level control system
  • Continuous lubricant supply
  • Even more safety with an optional digital pressure monitor
Reliable supply in greasing systems with SOMA medium pumps

Reliably supplying greasing systems with large containers

Medium pumps are used wherever the strictest reliability and safety requirements arise in production when supplying greases, lubricants or oils. Medium pumps can be integrated into existing production environments and offer an efficient way of using customary grease containers in a straightforward manner without needing to decant.

Advantages of medium pumps

  • Intelligent pressure relief when supplying lubricant
  • Occupational safety: integrated safety PLC for safe two-hand operation in accordance with the Machinery Directive
  • Low transmission ratios for supplying lubricant while treating the material well
  • Automatic air evacuation under the follower plate
  • Minimised material loss when approaching containers
  • Communication interfaces with higher-level controls (e.g. PLC)
  • CE-compliant operation possible even without enclosure

Products for industrial lubricant supply

SOMA products for supplying lubricant are extremely robust and have been designed for operation in high-end production. At the same time, they are so flexible that they can be individually integrated into existing systems.

SOMA FHS – Grease handling system

SOMA FHS – Grease handling system

Cartridge system with unloading and loading station for clean and easy handling of lubricants.

SOMA DAS – Pressure balance system

SOMA DAS – Pressure balance system

System for balancing pressure fluctuations and reducing the supply pressure in the grease supply for uniform volume flows.

SOMA PMP – Precision medium pump

SOMA PMP – Precision medium pump

Drum pump for emptying grease containers for large-volume continuous use.

SOMA contact person and contact for questions on lubricant supply and trade fair topics - Niklas Kinzl

Advice on your lubricant supply

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Solutions for automatic and contactless greasing with dosing valves

SOMA dosing valves and dosing devices for greasing and oiling

In automatic grease dosing, industrial production has very diverse requirements in terms of dosing valves. We show you which valves are suitable for which purpose.

SOMA metering valves enable contactless and volumetric greasing with lubricants

Contactless dosing: grease complex geometries with lubricant using a contactless and volumetric concept

Whenever it is difficult to reach the area to be lubricated for geometric reasons, impulse dosing valves prove beneficial. Contactless lubricant dosing eliminates the need for additional movements in the system. Volumetric dosing ensures that the lubricant and grease are dosed reliably and with repeat accuracy in production.

Advantages of impulse dosing valves

  • Contactless dosing method for technical lubricants
  • Can be used in automated handling systems thanks to compact design and suitability for different positions
  • High process and repeat accuracy thanks to volume principle
  • Low upstream pressure to avoid lubricant segregation
  • High dosing speed up to 20 Hz
  • Complete monitoring in combination with dosing inspection systems

Dose industrial greases and lubricants at a high, constant volume

Volumetric dosing systems or volume dosing valves come into their own where greasing tools or contact applications are used in production. With dosing volumes of up to 235 mm³, they also supply large-volume greasing systems with lubricant with repeat accuracy and precision. Therefore, volumetric dosing systems excel in the production process with their high accuracy and repeatability.

SOMA constant volume metering valves for metering greases and lubricants

Advantages of volume dosing valves

  • Grease dosing and volumetric dosing with continuously adjustable and reproducible dosing volumes
  • Volumetric dosing with low medium upstream pressure to avoid lubricant segregation when dosing grease
  • Volumetric dosing systems can be combined with greasing tools in automated production plants
  • Monitored material outlet for more safety when dosing
Circular objects lubricated at an exact angle and without contact with the SOMA rotary dosing system

Rotationally symmetrical dosing: grease cylindrical and circular objects with precise angles and without contact

Sometimes it is not possible to lift out a component and turn it in front of the nozzle because of the cycle time and design factors. Based on hollow shaft stepping motors, any number of dosing points can be freely programmed across 360° in rotary dosing valves. Greasing is also possible from the inside and outside.

Advantages of rotary dosing systems

  • Volumetric dosing systems with continuously adjustable and reproducibly constant dosing volume
  • Contactless lubricant and grease dosing with precise angles
  • Process reliability thanks to integrated dosing piston stroke request
  • Valve heating with temperature regulators to improve dosing capability for viscous lubricants
  • Circumferential dosing possible on the inner and outer diameter

Spray film dosing: apply lubricants as a spray film across a wide area

Spray dosing valves are always used if you do not want to apply the lubricant to small individual areas. These include guide elements such as sunroofs, kinematics for grab handles and storage compartments, as well as blinds for centre consoles. But also in the electrical industry for conductive grease or in locks and fittings.

Apply lubricants, greases and oils in production as a spray film over a wide area with the SOMA spray metering valve.

Advantages of spray dosing valves & impulse spray valve

  • Combination of repeatable precision and flat lubricant application
  • Full process monitoring by SOMA dosing inspection system
  • Minimised over spray
  • Application-specific nozzles made by SOMA

Dosing valves for industrial lubricants and automatic greasing

SOMA dosing valves: Cutting-edge technology, made in Germany. SOMA dosing valves have proven themselves in series production and are available for all common types of greasing. High-quality materials and proven technology guarantee long-lasting value and precision in manufacturing.

SOMA IDV – Impulse dosing valve

SOMA IDV – Impulse dosing valve

Dosing valve for contactless and volumetric greasing or oiling of workpieces.

SOMA VDV – Volume dosing valve

SOMA VDV – Volume dosing valve

Dosing valve for high, uniform lubricant volumes for greasing large areas.

SOMA RDS – Rotary dosing system

SOMA RDS – Rotary dosing system

Dosing system for greasing of circular or cylindrical components at precise angles.

SOMA ISV – Impulse spray valve

SOMA ISV – Impulse spray valve

Dosing valve for uniform greasing or oiling of workpieces with a flat spray film.

SOMA contact person and contact for questions about dosing valves - Marc Schorlemmer

Advice on dosing technology and dosing valves

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Process monitoring for lubricant dosing

Safe process monitoring of lubricant dosing with SOMA dosing technology

In certain sectors, there are stringent demands. Find out how to ensure traceability and zero-defect quality in the grease dosing process step in an automated way.

Monitor and document dosing processes reliably with the SOMA dosing inspection system

Dosing inspection systems: monitor and document dosing quantities in production

Impurities or air pockets in the lubricant influence the dosing process and can lead to poor results. A dosing inspection system automatically and reliably detects and documents poor dosing results. In this way, affected products can be identified and can be documented and handled accordingly to maintain zero-defect quality and traceability.

Advantages of dosing inspection system

  • Complete real-time monitoring of the dosing
  • Process monitoring and documentation using a piezo pressure sensor at the nozzle outlet
  • Can be calibrated using a web interface or machine control
  • Digital I/O signal to higher-level control
  • Automatically determines the process position using teach mode

Products for lubricant process monitoring

The SOMA DIS dosing inspection system is a milestone of modern greasing technology in terms of process reliability, traceability and quality. For those who value zero-defect quality in grease dosing, SOMA DIS is the first choice.

SOMA DIS – Dosing inspection system

SOMA DIS – Dosing inspection system

Fully automatic monitoring and documentation of dosing processes for complete traceability.

SOMA contact person and contact for questions regarding process monitoring - Niklas Kinzl

Advice on process monitoring

Do you have questions about safe process monitoring for lubricant dosing? Talk to me.

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SOMA FGS as a technology platform for individual dosing systems and productions

SOMA FGS (Flexible Greasing System) combines our experience as equipment manufacturers on a technology platform that can be smoothly integrated into your production environment and adapted to your requirements. Individual is the new standard.

SOMA as plant manufacturer with the FGS technology platform for automatic greasing in production facilities

Individual solutions for automatic greasing in production lines

The SOMA FGS flexible greasing system can be integrated into fully automatic production lines or used as a stand-alone solution for controlled greasing of your components. Thanks to the smart control solution with integrated HMI, it can also be easily used to support manual workstations. Therefore, with the FGS, the complete SOMA technology platform is available to you as a basis for your individual greasing tasks.

Advantages of SOMA FGS

  • Comes as FGS-R (robot) or FGS-AX (axis system) version
  • Safety concept in line with current Machinery Directive
  • Flexible lubricant supply with SOMA FHS grease handling system or SOMA DAS pressure balance system
  • Integrated HMI for easy programming and control
  • Two monitored maintenance access points
  • Parts installed based on the specific application
  • Many options for customising your application
SOMA supports you in all phases of your project

We support you in all phases of your project

SOMA is at your side as a reliable technology partner in every project phase – design, implementation, training and after-sales. You can count on our experienced team and our expertise.

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