Volume dosing valve

Volume dosing valve for industrial, technical lubricants

The SOMA VDV – a reliable volume dosing valve from the dosing technology product range – enables lubricants to be dosed at a constant volume: in a volumetric and reproducible way and with process reliability.

SOMA VDV: Volume dosing valve

The SOMA volume dosing valve (VDV) was developed for use in dosing processes where the dosing of precise volumes with repeat accuracy and contact is of paramount importance regardless of fluctuations in feed pressure and the viscosity of the lubricant being dosed. The VDV is a modular valve in the shape of a cartridge, designed to dose low to high-viscosity media. It is used with a large range of lubricants, including solid lubricants. The VDV can also be combined with different valve housings to form a dosing station with central medium supply.

Advantages of volume dosing valve

  • Continuously adjustable, reproducible dosing volume
  • Low medium upstream pressure to avoid lubricant segregation
  • Can be combined with greasing tools in automated production systems
  • Monitored material outlet for more safety
  • Option of dosing solid lubricants

Areas of application

Would you like a little more? The SOMA VDV volume dosing valve showcases its strengths and benefits where greasing tools or contact applications are used in production. With its dosing volume of up to 235 mm³, the  reliable volume dosing valve also supplies large-volume greasing systems with lubricant with repeat accuracy and precision.

Technical data – Volume dosing valve

An overview of the most important technical data for the SOMA volume dosing valve.

Technical data VDV
Dimensions (L x W x H):
43 mm x 24 mm x 168 mm
Dosing medium:
NGLI 1 - 3
Static system pressure:
6 bar
Dosing frequency (fmax):
2 Hz
Dosing volume: 5 - 235 mm³/dosing pulse
Dosing medium hose:
Ø 10 mm, Ø 12 mm, Length depends on dosing medium
Dosing nozzles:
0.4 mm / 0.6 mm / 0.8 mm / 1.0 mm / 1.2 mm / 1.5 mm / special nozzles
Air pressure:
2 - 7 bar
Air consumption: 13 l/min
Compressed air supply between VDV and quick-acting valve:
Ø 4 mm, length < 800 mm
IDV PV supply hose:
Ø ≥ 6 mm

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SOMA dosing valves – the operating principle of the VDV

Dosing lubricants in a constant volume – this is how the SOMA VDV volume dosing valve works.

Functional principle of the SOMA VDV: Volume dosing valve

As a volume dosing unit, the SOMA VDV also has a continuously adjustable dosing chamber. A non-return poppet valve with back pressure relief, integrated in the output of the VDV dosing chamber, prevents the dosing medium from escaping in an uncontrolled manner up to a pressure of 6 bar. The non-return valve, and also the dosing stroke, can be monitored by sensors, offering a solution with process reliability for dosing volumes of up to 235 mm³. Triggered by a 3/2-way pneumatic valve, it is able to dispense two full dosing volumes per second.

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We support you in all phases of your project

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