Grease Handling System

FHS – Grease Handling System

Use the SOMA grease handling system (FHS) to supply dosing devices with industrial grease: reliable, clean, economic.

The patented FHS grease handling system from SOMA consists of replaceable grease storage canisters, a central loading station and any number of decentralised unloading stations.

It is an economical alternative to the conventional grease supply from dispensing equipment and offers a novel supply concept with numerous logistical and technical advantages:

  • Closed system vs. open grease canister prevents grease contamination and delay
  • Compact unloading stations replace barrel pumps and grease canisters at the workplace
  • Constant material pressure upstream of the dosing valves guarantees reproducible dosing amounts
  • Reduction in residues and the number of grease canisters to be disposed of
  • It is possible to replace the grease canister without shutting down the system

Central loading system in the grease handling system

Connected to a barrel or container pump, the central grease handling system loading station facilitates automatic filling of the convenient and replaceable grease storage canisters.

Mechanical codes on the storage canisters and loading station ensure that appropriately coded storage canisters already used for other greases cannot be loaded.

A built-in control unit uses fill level sensors to monitor the automatic loading process in the grease handling system and also forms the interface to higher-level control and management systems.

Grease storage canisters in the grease handling system

The aluminium grease storage canisters are easy to transport and are attached via automatic compressed air and grease supply couplings in the loading station and unloading stations. A magnetic ring built into the piston enables the patented SOMA grease handling system (FHS) to detect the fill level at any time and thus schedule the service intervals.

Decentralised unloading station at the workplace

The unloading stations have an almost identical design to the loading station and are installed in the immediate vicinity of the dosing devices, enabling coded grease canisters to be replaced quickly and reliably.

Technical data

  • Net capacity per canister: 3.0 l
  • Empty weight: 7.5 kg
  • Maximum compressed air: 8.0 bar
  • Maximum grease pressure: 10.0 bar
  • Voltage supply: 230 V

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